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We started our journey in 1999 in South Africa (and one of the world’s) hardest and most demanding farming environments. Some have said that if we’d started any where else, the company would not be on the level it is currently at. That is if you can satisfy the needs of farmers in South Africa your company would be one of the best in the world.

MultiServ Agri works with and along side industry leaders, governments, agricultural education institutions, national and state research organizations and some of the worlds largest and best run agricultural companies.

We believe some of the reasons for our success over many years are:

  • We are owned and operated by people with a background in farming.
  • We are always prepared to listen to our clients – we know without them we’d be nobody.
  • We have never been complacent- we have always strived for ways to better our product and services.

We all so have first hand experience in the Silage industry by being associated with all major players in the industry from South Africa. Due to our experience and commercial partnership with world leading agricultural companies we deliver the best quality agricultural products on the market.

We specialize in high quality Silage & Packaging products for any farmers needs.

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Lichtenburg North West

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