Carcas Bags

Supplier of high quality carcas packaging bags

We manufacture a high quality meat safe carcas bag for transportation purposes that is 100% dust proof and a hygienic solution to all farmers and game farmers a like. Carcas Shield is an effective 6 layer high quality LDPE material that is durable and effective for all our farmers meat transportation needs.

Benefits of Carcas Shield

  • Carcas Shield keeps your meat at optimal temperature for safe transportation
  • Carcas Shield prevents animal carcas fluids from leaking on to surfaces
  • Effective 3 step system
  • The high quality virgin LDPE material is water and dust proof
  • Carcas Shield material is UV resistant


  • Small game Impala 155cm x 70cm
  • Big game Kudu 200cm x 110cm
  • Custom sizes can be manufactured on request

Colours available

  • Black
  • White
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